Lancaster Civil Engineering

What's up with the rooster?

That’s often the first question I get when asked about the Lancaster Civil logo.  Thankfully there’s a decent answer…

The rooster primarily speaks to “the abundant area we live and work in” says the logo’s designer, Jason Cortez of Superhaus Design, referring to Lancaster County and the surrounding areas.  Speaking not just to the agrarian heritage of this community, the rooster is a symbol of the fertile and fruitful culture that characterizes many aspects of life in south central Pennsylvania such as the arts, innovative technologies and community development.

In other cultures ” the rooster symbolizes practical thinking, perfectionism, order and tidiness. That is because the actual rooster bird itself is extremely smart, always on guard, clean and tidy and are keenly aware of their surroundings” according to Cortez – all traits that you’d want to see in a good engineer.

The rooster is holding a bright red rose – another historical symbol of the Lancaster community.  This represents the watchful protection that this engineering firm is designed to have for the community that we serve.  Our designs and our actions are ultimately intended to increase the quality of life for our neighbors – so with all our ability, we’ll apply keen observation and practical thinking to bring that about.

There’s much more to the rooster and the rest of the Lancaster Civil logo that holds personal meaning to me, so please…feel free to ask me about it next time we meet!

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Ben Craddock

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Whether you work for a municipality or you’re just looking to build in Lancaster County, we’re looking forward to working with you on your next big project.