Lancaster Civil Engineering Co.

Our Values

1. Simplicity

Lancaster Civil has extensive experience and expertise serving municipalities and private clients.

The result of this experience is that we strive to see challenges from many different perspectives, boil down the issues, clarify the necessary results, and clearly communicate the available options and decisions to be made.

We believe that helping our clients navigate an increasingly complex world is best done by keeping things simple whenever possible. 

2. Transparency

Lancaster Civil operates under the straightforward premise that civil engineering services should bring people together. Civil engineering work results in products that benefit the community at large, however Lancaster Civil understands that the entire process can be designed for community as well. We aim to build people up as well as places.

This dual emphasis has resulted in a reputation for providing trustworthy service and true client satisfaction. Key to this approach is the transparency and trust that needs to be present to allow open communication and true understanding to occur. Lancaster Civil strives to operate with one clear goal: improving the lives of those within the communities we serve. Everything else pales in comparison.

We believe being transparent in our goals, our communication, and the value we provide helps develop trust and deeper understanding with those we serve. Being transparent allows everyone to focus all our time and energy on the complex problems that face our clients – a key to being efficient and economical with the resources we’ve been given.

3. Joy

Although it may be unusual to think of an engineering firm that considers “joy” to be a core value, Lancaster Civil believes that the work of serving our clients and our communities, when done with simplicity and transparency, can and should be enjoyable and fulfilling. It is a pleasure to work with thoughtful clients and dedicated municipal staff and officials. It is exciting to collaborate with highly skilled and knowledgeable colleagues. It is enjoyable to create useful and cost-effective solutions to challenging problems.

For these reasons, Lancaster Civil embraces the idea that providing services that benefit our clients can involve a core element of enjoyment, without minimizing the obvious seriousness and complexity of the issues we face.

When done correctly, an approach that brings people together and creates real-world solutions to the problems our communities face is not only more effective, more efficient, and more economical – it can also be enjoyable!

Meet The Team

Ben Craddock, P.E.


I was… / I am… / I will… a contestant on the Price is Right / usually on time / laugh too loud.

I eat… about every 90 minutes.

I drink… a LOT of coffee.

I sing along to… the Eagles fight song. Go Birds!

I only… exercise so that I can eat more.

I save… restaurant coffee mugs.

Never have I ever… had a margarita.

Josh Brengel, M.S.

Water Resource SPecialist

I was… / I am… / I will… a Grove City College graduate / a husband and dad / cheer for the Buffalo Bills no matter how many times they break my heart.

I eat… plain Cheerios and a banana for breakfast (almost) every day.

I drink… water. Not much else.

I sing along to… Disney songs with my daughters.

I only… know enough about a lot of things to be dangerous.

I save… clothing longer than I should.

Never have I ever… crossed an ocean (maybe someday!).

TJ Acosta, P.E.

Project Engineer

I was… / I am… / I will… a more serious person / still a poor Cubs fan / always enjoy the original Marvel movies.

I eat… pizza, anytime, anywhere, especially J&Js.

I drink… water because I have to.

I sing along to… most songs that pop in my head (which are a lot).

I only… follow sports to not be completely lost in a conversation.

I save… memories, not stuff.

Never have I ever… wished for a different career.