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Bringing great people and ideas together to get things done is exactly what I try to do every day. Not only can we accomplish more together than we could on our own, but the process just seems to go much smoother when skilled partners are working toward a common goal.

A perfect example of this concept is a past project that I was involved with in Manheim Borough – also the subject of a recent Land and Water article. It was a pleasure to be part of a team of so many partners willing to contribute to a such a worthwhile project. There was collaboration from State and local officials, regulatory agencies, PennDOT and private citizens. With that many people involved, it would be easy for things to get off track, but having a common goal really brought everyone together.

As I write in the article, “In an age dominated by unproductive partisan conflict, this approach is as refreshing as it is effective.”

For more info, check out the full article here.

Ben Craddock

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