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Fair Fee Guarantee

Working with a dedicated professional such as an engineer, attorney or physician can be wonderful at times. You have a real concern or a need and the professional draws upon his training, experience and ability to resolve that problem. And they do it in such a considerate and sincere way that you actually enjoy the process as well. Until you get the invoice…

At Lancaster Civil, we’re passionate about improving communities, not our bank account balance. And we’re 100% committed to providing professional engineering services at a fair and reasonable cost.

That’s why we offer our Fair Fee Guarantee. If you get an invoice from Lancaster Civil and you are not in complete agreement with the fee amount shown, simply enter the value that you believe is fair and pay only that amount.

Charging more for our services than necessary doesn’t help complete projects or build relationships within the communities that we work. So we’re committed to keeping our overhead expenses low, our processes efficient and our rates reasonable – and passing those savings along to you. We value the process of working with you just as much as we do the end product.

It’s part of how we’re designed for community.

Ben Craddock

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Whether you work for a municipality or you’re just looking to build in Lancaster County, we’re looking forward to working with you on your next big project.