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It’s no secret that Lancaster Civil is designed for community. Civil engineers, by definition, produce projects that are designed to make life easier for the community – roads, bridges, drainage facilities, sewer and water treatment plants – all are designed to benefit the lives of the citizens living within those service areas. These products provide obvious benefits.

Not so obvious are the benefits provided by offering services within the context of a process that is also designed for community. What does that look like?

It’s when an engineer engages the owner, architect and regulatory agencies by asking for their input, valuing their opinions and solving problems together. It’s a place where egos do not get in the way of solving problems and making sure the project is successful. It sounds like communication is infused with respect, trust, optimism and often a bit of humor!

Engineers can often be guilty of making the process seem more difficult than it needs to be. However, a process designed for community makes everyone’s life easier during the process – just like the product makes everyone’s life easier after it’s all done. Building community during the project provides the security for the team to ask (and address) hard questions, explore innovative ideas and keep the focus on fulfilling the client’s goals. This increases the likelihood that the end product will be just what the client and the community need.

Being designed for community means that we’re designed to make your life easier from start to finish.

Ben Craddock

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