Lancaster Civil Engineering

Civil by definition

civ·il (ˈsivəl)

1. of or relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns

2. courteous and polite.

In all endeavors at Lancaster Civil, our aim is to deliver products and services that are consistent the dual definition of the word “civil”. All that we do is designed with the intent of improving the lives of our communities and their citizens by, in some way, addressing one or more concerns that they are dealing with.

We also recognize that the process by which we undertake such actions is just as important…no, more important!…than the outcome itself. Treating our clients, our partners and our neighbors with civility and respect will not be compromised.

I’ll make mistakes. We all do. And I encourage you to let me know about it when I slip up (so that I can correct it!) But whenever the name “Lancaster Civil” comes to mind, I hope both meanings of the word “civil” instantly follow behind: addressing the concerns of ordinary citizens, and doing so in a courteous and polite manner.

May we live up to our name.

Ben Craddock

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