Lancaster Civil Engineering Co.

Designed for Community

Bringing great people and ideas together to get things done

Our Mission

The Lancaster Civil Engineering Company exists to help improve communities. We do that by bringing great people and ideas together to get things done. This approach to providing engineering services is based on the principle that success is measured not only by the quality of the end product, but also by the process that gets us there.

Lancaster Civil is designed for community by providing solutions that are designed not just to solve the basic needs of our citizens, but to bring people together in the process.

Our Values



We believe that helping our clients navigate an increasingly complex world is best done by keeping things simple whenever possible.



Transparency and trust need to be present to allow open communication and true understanding to occur. Lancaster Civil strives to operate with one clear goal: improving the lives of those within the communities we serve. Everything else pales in comparison.



Although it may be unusual to think of an engineering firm that considers “joy” to be a core value, Lancaster Civil believes that the work of serving our clients and our communities, when done with simplicity and transparency, can and should be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Our Services

Lancaster Civil improves communities by providing civil engineering services primarily within Lancaster County.

We have extensive experience and expertise serving the following clients:

  • Municipal: Engineer of Record Representation, Plan Reviews, Capital Improvements, MS-4 Consultation, Zoning, Streetscape Rehabilitation, Drainage Design, and Grant Writing for Municipal Public Works Projects
  • Private: Site Design, Stormwater Management Design, Environmental Permitting, Land Development Approvals, Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control, NPDES/DEP Permitting, and Municipal Approvals for for Institutional Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects

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